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Stout-hearted Tazmin

Litters Pentueet

U-pentue s.26.5.2016

Stout-hearted Unique Ulrika

Stout-hearted unexpected soul sister

Stout-hearted unforgettable Umberto

Stout-hearted untold true story

Stout-hearted used to love you Ucco

T-pentue s.15.6.2015

Stout-hearted Tomahawk

Stout-hearted Theodore

Stout-hearted Teddy Bear

Stout-hearted Thunderball

Stout-hearted Titania

Stout-hearted Twinkle Star

Stout-hearted Tazmine

S-pentue s.9.12.2014

Stout-hearted Stormy Sea

Stout-hearted Starry Eyes

Stout-hearted She Loves Me

R-pentue s.14.11.2014

Stout-hearted Rafael

Stout-hearted Ronaldo

Stout-hearted Ralph

Stout-hearted Rosalie

Stout-hearted Rolene S

Q-pentue s.25.10.2014

Stout-hearted Queen of Hearts

Stout-hearted Quinn Fabray

Stout-hearted Quite Perfect

P-pentue s.28.6.2014

Stout-hearted Partisan Phong

Stout-hearted Pearl Phailin

Stout-hearted Pegasos

O-pentue s.30.10.2013

Stout-hearted Ophelia n

Stout-hearted Odessa n

Stout-hearted Oprah n

Stout-hearted Othello n22

Stout-hearted Omar n

Stout-hearted Ozzie n

N-pentue s.30.10.2013

Stout-hearted Nikita f09

Stout-hearted Nadia f09

Stout-hearted Naomi f09

Stout-hearted Nailah f0922

Stout-hearted Nashville e0923

Stout-hearted Newton d0923

Stout-hearted New York d0922

M-pentue s.8.10.2013

Stout-hearted Miss Marple a

Stout-hearted Miss Hawaii n

Stout-hearted Make Miracles n

Stout-hearted Master All a

Stout-hearted Maximus Magic ns09

Stout-hearted My Way ns09

L-pentue s.12.11.2012

Stout-hearted Lucille g0923

Stout-hearted Lucianna g0923

Stout-hearted Louise d23

Stout-hearted Lucky Boy d0323

Stout-hearted Lucky Number n0923

Stout-hearted Lucky Luke n0923

K-pentue s.8.10.2012

Stout-herted Khloe g22

Stout-hearted Kingsley a22

Stout-hearted Kenzie a

Stout-hearted Kwadwo n09

J-pentue s.14.8.2012

Stout-hearted Jerry n0922

I-pentue s.26.7.2012

Stout-hearted I Love You d0323

Stout-herted I'm Illusion f09

Stout-hearted Icaros n0924

H-pentue s.12.11.2011

Stout-hearted Hayley g09

Stout-hearted Heartbreaker g

Stout-hearted Hypnotize U f09

Stout-herted H'Catherine g

Stout-hearted He's Samuel n

Stout-hearted Hercules a09

G-pentue s.14.2.2011

Stout-hearted Gaia ns22

Stout-hearted Graciela n0922

Stout-hearted Gangster a0922

F-pentue s.10.11.2010

Stout-hearted Fiona a22

Stout-hearted Fanny a22

Stout-hearted Flowerbelle a22

Stout-hearted Figaro a22

Stout-hearted Faith XpLorer a22

Stout-hearted Faximile a22

Stout-hearted Father's Son a22

E-pentue s.9.7.2010

Stout-hearted Euphoria n22

Stout-hearted Edward ns22

Stout-hearted Edmilson ns0922

D-pentue s.30.6.2010

Stout-hearted Dexter a22

Stout-hearted Dreamer a22

C-pentue s.25.11.2009

Stout-hearted CoonCat Cruz a22

Stout-hearted Celebration a22

B-pentue s.26.10.2008

Stout-hearted Billy the Kid n22

Stout-hearted BonBon n22

Stout-hearted Betty BooB n22

A-pentue s.12.4.2008

Stout-hearted Aragorn n22

Stout-hearted Afrodite a22